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About Us

Accelerating Value of Technology
To Legacy of Master

Every experience comes from strong perseverance and spirit. We keep it simple, adhering strongly to one principle, which is  – ‘Delivering The an authentic Sensei Experience’ With more than 20 years of experience in the reflexology industry, we are determined to learn and retain these tranditional, age-old techniques and practices used by massage therapists.

ITSU uses technology to recreate these hand-massage techniques, so that they can be preserved throughout time, letting everyone enjoy them for years to come. This is our unwavering commitment to bringing excellence in traditional and precise massage technology.

In order to embody the true art of traditional, ITSU fuses together innovative, cutting-edge technology with massage techniques that feel as though they are performed by hand. The word “ITSU: is delivered from the Japanese phrase meaning “the royal touch”, reflecting our professional commitment in providing customers with the best products and services in this industry.